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Peter Barbur, LPC, Principal

Peter Barbur, LPC, is a Licensed Counselor specializing in helping adolescents and adults and their families with depression, anxiety, chronic stress, and substance abuse. Mr. Barbur also assists married and living-together couples to improve communication skills and to resolve frustration that is interfering with their relationship. He works with clients to identify their strengths and to use these strengths to improve their lives. Mr. Barbur also provides career counseling and assistance in marketing to potential employers. He has a Board Certification as a Master Addiction Counselor and is a qualified Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Professional

Mr. Barbur has more that 30 years experience working with individuals, couples and families, working in hospitals, community clinics, Dislocated Workers Programs and private practice. He has been a successful program director in the Providence Health System and at Oregon Health & Science University. Mr. Barbur has trained health professionals from many disciplines in new models of treatment for alcohol and drug addiction as part of his program director duties. He has also been a participant in the Clinical Trials Network national study on best practices in addiction sponsored by the National Institute of Drug Abuse.

Mr. Barbur has been a consultant to many businesses and organizations. He worked with local employers such as James River, Graphic Arts Center, and Tektronix to help retrain employees. He provides assessments and treatment plans to Washington County Corrections and assists in training Correction Center staff in pharmacology and ethics. Mr. Barbur has served as consultant to the 304th Air Rescue Squadron in preparing service members and their family for the service member’s return from Iraq. He is also the clinical consultant to the adult outpatient program at DePaul Treatment Centers.

In addition to his counseling and consulting work, Mr. Barbur is involved in community service. He serves on the Board of Directors for Downtown Community Housing, Inc., is the secretary and conference manager for the Northwest Institute of Addiction Studies, and has been the past president of the Oregon Mental Heath Counselors Association. Mr. Barbur has received service awards from the OMHCA and the American Mental Health Counselors Association and he has received a Community Partner award from the Graduate School of Education at Portland State University. Mr. Barbur is an adjunct faculty member in the Addictions Certificate Program at PSU.

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